Monthly Archives: November 2013

Love Rocks Me™ Poetry Collaboration

Many years ago I was introduced this wonderful poem entitled, ‘Maine‘ by Lester Melcher Hart, which was published in 1919: You’re just a rugged, homespun state perched on the nation’s edge –         A stretch of woods, of fields and lakes, of ocean-pounded ledge. But rugged deeds and rugged men you’ve nurtured for your own;             much good the world has harvested from broadcast seeds you’ve sown. And so, we love you, rugged State; we love your smiling skies;                    we love you...

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Love Rocks the Holidays!

Peace, love, joy, and snowflakes inspired my first six holiday designs!  Available in stores carrying Love Rocks Me™ cards and online in my Etsy store.

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Love Rocks Ireland!

I’ve recently returned from my first (and by no means last) visit to Ireland where I have family roots in counties Kerry and Cavan.  It was a challenge driving 900 miles on the opposite side of the road in an SUV with my mom and three sisters, but what a wonderful, beautiful, and truly magical place!  While I didn’t have time to look for love rocks, four love rocks managed to find me and one found my sister (yes, I...

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