21 Nov

Love Rocks Me™ Poetry Collaboration

Love Rocks Me™ Poetry Collaboration

Many years ago I was introduced this wonderful poem entitled, ‘Maine‘ by Lester Melcher Hart, which was published in 1919:

You’re just a rugged, homespun state perched on the nation’s edge –         A stretch of woods, of fields and lakes, of ocean-pounded ledge.
But rugged deeds and rugged men you’ve nurtured for your own;             much good the world has harvested from broadcast seeds you’ve sown.
And so, we love you, rugged State; we love your smiling skies;                    we love you for your deep-piled snows, your jagged coast we prize.
We love you for the lofty seat you’ve reared ‘neath heaven’s dome;            but best of all, we love you, Maine, because you’re Maine – and Home!

Since Love Rocks Me™ was born from my love for the great state of Maine – and my first design in the series was the Maine outline – I thought Mr. Hart’s poem (how’s that for a coincidental name!) inside my photograph would be the perfect marriage and a wonderful way to honor Lester’s fine prose.  After learning it was legally possible for me to use, we now have a nearly 100-year old art/poetry collaboration!

Maine’s Poet Laureate, Wesley McNair, happily accepted my offer to donate 10% of all sales of this print to Maine Poetry Express – statewide “whistle-stop” readings of Maine poetry by Maine people.

The poem is available in two print sizes in a few select shops including Beach Grass in Kennebunkport’s Dock Square, Lisa Marie’s Made in Maine in Bath and Portland, and Take a Peak on Peak’s Island (open weekends through Christmas).  You can also find it online here.

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