11 Feb

Love Rocks Twenty New Designs!

Love Rocks Twenty New Designs!

Love Rocks Me® is pleased to introduce the following 20 new designs for 2016, available in cards as well as small and large prints.  For a close-up view, click the Designs link at the top of this website to navigate to a category where each thumbnail can be enlarged.

LRM 156

Hummingbird:  LRM 156
LRM 158aBunny:  LRM 158 (without caption) & LRM 158a with ‘Some bunny loves you’
LRM 157aDeer:  LRM 157 (without caption) & LRM 157a with ‘Love you deerly’
LRM 159a  Bee:  LRM 159 (without caption) & LRM 159a with ‘The best is yet to bee’
LRM 155aSeal:  LRM 155 (without caption) & LRM 155a with ‘Sealed with love’

LRM 154

Heron:  LRM 154
LRM 153Horseshoe Crab:  LRM 153
LRM 152
Sand dollar:  LRM 152
LRM 151Cupcake:  LRM 151
LRM 150
Moon and stars:  LRM 150
LRM 149
Umbrella:  LRM 149
LRM 147
Pizza:  LRM 147
LRM 148
Dream Big:  LRM 148
LRM 144
Tying the Knot:  LRM 144
LRM 146Lighthouse:  LRM 146
LRM 145Boat:  LRM 145
LRM 143
Ahoy There!:  LRM 133
LRM 142a
Ship’s Wheel:  LRM 142 (without caption) & LRM 142a with ‘I think you’re wheely swell’
LRM 141
SOS:  LRM 141
LRM 160Grow old:  LRM 160

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